I’m constantly rushing from one moment to the next. My days blur one into another. I long to slow them down.


“Wait for it” captures those moments where I am unaware of time passing.  Where noise fades and I am relaxed. I catch myself staring for some time, drifting in and out, oblivious to what I’m staring at.


Then there is a change, a shift where I am awakened out of my daydreaming state. These paintings represent several of those moments, as when a small cloud passes over the sun defusing the light. The dramatic colour changes that come with the last seconds of daylight. A gust of wind blowing leaves through the air leaving a multitude of negative spaces between the branches. The suns direction turning a mountain lake from deep blue to brilliant turquoise. Once I become mindful of these changes, I then wait for what may come next.


“Wait for it” invites you to savour both the captured moment and the anticipated one.


- Anna Ostberg



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